Our Banking Team

Brian Fairchild

Brian Fairchild

Senior Vice President
Head of Lending Investment Properties


43 Main Street SE Suite 144
Minneapolis, MN 55414

What interests me the most about lending is working with smaller investors and helping them to grow. Knowledge of my field, quick decision making, and a willingness to look at other perspectives and approaches to doing things.

- Brian Fairchild

A dedicated member of the 21st Century Bank team since the spring of 2016, Brian offers 17 years of experience as a commercial loan officer for three institutions in the finance industry.  He worked for a large regional bank with assets over $4 billion and a small community bank with $100 million in assets. Brian focuses on investment and commercial real estate, with a specialization in multi-family housing.


Brian has learned that taking the time to listen and answer every question is critical to achieving a customer’s financial goals.