Our Banking Team

Jeff Vranicar

Jeff Vranicar

Vice President Investment Properties


43 Main Street SE Suite 144
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Each customer and prospective client has a goal or a dream. It’s my job to help them realize that goal or dream by leading them down the right financial path.

- Jeff Vranicar

Jeff has worked as a commercial lender and credit analyst before joining the 21st Century Bank. He specializes in investment real estate and small business/SBA loans.


During his 17 years in the banking industry, Jeff has learned that competence, trust, reliability, and clear communication of expectations allows the customer’s perspective to be better understood, inevitably enabling him to serve them more efficiently.


Jeff believes that customers have a plethora of choices when it comes to financing. At 21st Century Bank, we are taking that extra step, steering them in the right direction, as partners, not bankers.