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Paul Poncin

Paul Poncin

Vice President


17 Washington Ave. N. Suite #200
Minneapolis, MN 55401


991 Sibley Memorial Hwy, Unit 207
Lilydale, MN 55118

Not every situation fits within the ‘box.’ Real value comes from identifying the issue and thinking creatively about how best to administer solutions.

- Paul Poncin

Over his more than 25 years as a banker, Paul has witnessed a significant evolution in the business industry, and he continues to see opportunities that will change the industry going forward. It is those opportunities that continue to challenge him, making the banking industry a fun and creative place to work.


Paul values taking things step by step – building a foundation, and diversifying the business as much as possible. New opportunities will continue to emerge along with the uncertainty as to which path to choose. He feels that taking proper measures from the start, allows a business to adjust to those situations and best capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.


Paul’s seasoned, common sense approach to unique challenges and his ability to define the issues and create actionable plans, are the values his clients appreciate the most.