Our Banking Team

Isaac Sandberg

Isaac Sandberg

Vice President

Blaine (35W & Lexington)

4125 Ball Rd NE, Ste 300
Blaine, MN 55014

The thing I enjoy most is creating long-lasting relationships with local business owners and being one of the key aspects of their success.

- Isaac Sandberg

Before joining 21st Century Bank, Isaac worked as a business banker and commercial lender during his 13 years in the banking industry. Over the years, he has learned that trust and open communication are two of the most significant aspects of a productive long-term business banking relationship.


He feels 21st Century Bank is focused on building a team that brings out the greatest benefits to their customers, guiding them towards their short and long term goals, which is why he joined the bank in 2017.


Isaac, who has worked with a wide range of businesses, relies on honesty, follow through, and resourcefulness to guide customers in the most efficient way towards achieving both their short and long-term goals.

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