Our Banking Team

Jonathan Dolphin

Jonathan Dolphin



43 Main Street SE Ste 144
Minneapolis, MN 55414

I am proud of any businesses that are cognizant of their need to get better; they seek help; they follow through with it. I enjoy being a part of that process.

- Jonathan Dolphin

Jonathan truly believes that business is personal and that solutions that respond to a business’s unique needs are first and foremost.


Being part of his family’s bank, with over 20 plus years in the industry, Jonathan currently serves as President/COO, and is responsible for the banks’ lending, specializing in small business lending and SBA lending programs.  Jonathan feels consistency between both the lender and the borrower is essential to building a healthy relationship with clients.


Business clients seek his help as they look for opportunities to improve or when they need ideas to grow and thrive. Through this approach, businesses experience positive results relative to where they started.


With a strong commitment to the community and providing excellent customer service, Jonathan believes successful business banking relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.