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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 21st Century Bank routing number? 091913685

I have a personal checking account.  How can I re-order checks?
You may order directly from Deluxe. Click:  Re-order Checks

How do I view my account statements online?
Once you’ve signed into Online Banking, you can access your account statements by clicking on the e-statement tab.

What are challenge questions and how are they used?
They are used to help verify your identity when you sign in from an unrecognized computer or mobile device or during password resets for online banking.

What can I do to keep my accounts secure?
To help us protect your financial information, it is important that you always keep your account information safe. Never share your personal ID, password or PIN with anyone under any circumstances.

Will 21st Century Bank ever email, text or call requesting personal information or passwords?
We will never ask for personal information over email or text. We may ask personal information if you call us, using information that will assist us in identifying you.

Can I open an account online?
Currently, 21st Century Bank does not allow online account opening. To open an account, you would need to visit a branch location nearest you.

How do I enroll in text or email alerts?
Sign into Online Banking and visit the Options tab, and select alerts.

Can I import my bank transaction information into Quickbooks or Quicken?
Yes, you can set up a direct connection to your NetTeller online banking account within Quicken or Quickbooks to sync your transactions automatically. Alternatively, you can download transaction history files for Quicken (QFX) or Quickbooks (QBO) from within your NetTeller online banking account by selecting: NetTeller > Transactions > Downloads. You can then import the downloaded files to Quicken or Quickbooks.  The last 180 days of transaction history is available using either method.
See attached Quick Books Instructions

Lost or stolen card?
Lost or stolen debit cards should be reported immediately by calling 763-767-2178 during banking hours. If outside of posted hours, you can access your account through Online Banking > Options > ATM Debit Card and mark your debit card as Lost/Stolen.

Note: If you feel your account may have been compromised and want to access your free credit report, you can do so at www.annualcreditreport.com   Need additional assistance.  Call 763-767-2178 or contact us at a location near you.