Business Development Services

Business solutions tailored for you.

michael gallagher of the business development services team
Michael Gallagher

SVP Head of Business Development / Business Banking

john bennett of the business development services team
John Bennett

SVP Business Development Nonprofits

jamie butler of the business development services team
Jamie Butler

VP Business Development

Joan Wood of the business development services team
Joan Wood

VP Business Banking Manager

sarah jordahl of the business development services team
Sarah Jordahl

AVP Business Banking Officer


We don’t sell products, we partner with our customers to provide tailored business development services that respond to your unique business and banking needs.


We’ve been a business member of the communities we serve for over 100 years.


We pride ourselves on the relationship we build with a personal approach.


21st Century Bank is consistently ranked a Top 20 SBA Preferred Lender

Aligning resources to strengthen the small business and non-profit banking experience.

When organizations seek out a loan to buy, build or expand, they go through a review process to determine which financial solution best serves their needs – and often, little attention is paid to whether they are using the best day-to-day banking products.

We’re talking about the various banking products and services like checking, savings, cash management, and money market accounts or online banking, ACH origination, remote deposit services and more.

Here at 21st Century Bank, we believe all organizations deserve the extra attention. That is why we have a specialized Business Development / Business Banking team to work closely with new and current customers to assess their banking services, identify the shortfalls, and present options best suited to their non-profit or small business.

Having a dedicated team is yet another way we are fulfilling our mission of providing custom banking solutions, tailored to the organizations and individuals we serve. With years of community banking experience, each member of this team offers proven knowledge in the development and delivery of depository and cash management products and services for businesses and non-profit organizations to efficiently, and securely manage their banking relationship.

Jonathan Dolphin, President, 21st Century Bank

Business Banking Products

  • No minimum balance
  • $100.00 opening deposit
  • $12.00 monthly service fee
  • Activity charges: $0.25 per deposit; $0.15 per debit/check; $0.10 per check deposited
  • Earnings credit applied towards service fee and activity charges
    Uncollected funds usage charge set at the highest Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + 2% (adjusted daily)
  • Free monthly e-statement with check images ($6.95 per month for paper statement)
  • $500.00 minimum balance
  • $100.00 opening deposit
  • 25 free deposits per month ($0.25 per deposit over 25)
  • 50 free debits/checks per month ($0.25 per debit/check over 50)
  • 50 free credits/checks deposited per month ($0.25 per credit/check over 50)
  • $10.00 service fee per month if the minimum balance is not maintained any day of the month
  • Free monthly e-statement with check images ($6.95 per month for paper statement)
  • $500.00 minimum balance to earn interest
  • $100.00 opening deposit
  • $500.00 minimum balance or $5,000.00 combined balance of additional non-profit accounts ($5.00 service fee per month if minimum balance or combined balance is not maintained any day of the month and $0.35 per debit fee over 10 debits/checks per month)
  • Tiered interest rates
  • Interest compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Free monthly e-statement with check images ($6.95 per month for paper statement)
  • For current rate information, please call an office near you

We invite you to learn more about our business development services to fit your small business banking needs.

To open a business bank account, call 763-792-3705 or email us at

Member FDIC Insured Deposits

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