4 Creative Marketing Moves to Pursue During A Pandemic

Marketing Tactics to Pursue

Marketing has experienced a noticeable shift due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. In the coming months, businesses will be forced to adapt their marketing to embrace digital strategies. It’s important to keep your marketing relevant without ignoring the marketing strategies that still work in this unprecedented time.

To help you keep your marketing fresh and engaging without being reactive, we’ve put together 4 marketing tactics to pursue during COVID-19:

  1. Deliver Compelling Content

Content is more important than ever. With much of the world being under stay at home orders, people are finding themselves with plenty of time to consume content online. We recommend providing a mix of brand-related, informative content as well as lighthearted and upbeat pieces.

When deciding on what content to create, focus on the needs of your readers — not your own needs. Put your audience first and provide content that will help them through the fear and panic that they’re experiencing.

  1. Change Up Your Imagery and Language

Imagery and language are powerful tools. In this time of social distancing, it’s important to change up your visuals, tone, and word choices to ensure that your brand is sending the right message.

Cadbury is an example of a company that has done this well. Its Easter ad campaign showed a grandfather painstakingly hiding Cadbury eggs in his apartment for his grandchildren to find. The ad ended with the grandchildren showing up at his apartment and a heartwarming hug.

The ad was meant to highlight togetherness, generosity, and happiness, but Cadbury made the decision to pull the ad because of the current government guidance on social distancing.

  1. Leverage Technology

Limited resources and social distancing have made it difficult for some companies to meet customer needs. Events are being canceled, companies are struggling to manage newly-remote workforces, and essential businesses are trying to ensure the health of employees and customers.

Technology can help you create capacity, ramp up digital delivery, and optimize your marketing budget. We recommend creating the messaging that you want to share via email and social media and using your email service provider or social media scheduling tools like Buffer or Tailwind to automate those messages.

Additionally, now is a great time to take those canceled in-person events online. Perhaps even using the revenue to help those in need. Welsh comedian Kiri Pritchard McClean started The Covid Arms, a virtual comedy club where comedians perform for free to benefit the Trussell Trust food bank. So far, they’ve raised about £20,000!

  1. Improve Your Website Visibility

Now is a great time to work on your website’s visibility. When your website is optimized for the right keywords, you’ll be able to attract the right visitors to your site.

Start by setting up Google Analytics so you can analyze your website’s traffic easily. Once you have Google Analytics set up, conduct a content audit. This will help you find errors on your website that detract from the user experience and hurt your SEO (search engine optimization).

Now it’s time to focus on the keywords that bring visitors to your site and create new content or optimize existing content to target those keywords. The next 6-12 months are going to be filled with changes to all aspects of life, thanks to COVID-19. The marketing strategies we’ve presented here will help you maintain a strong position and come out the other side of this pandemic even stronger.

Kelsey Roseth, Founder

Kelsey Roseth, Founder

Kero Creative is a full-service advertising, marketing and communications agency — and we believe authenticity is the best way for companies to build brands people can truly believe in. Founded by Kelsey Roseth, a copywriter and former journalist with a knack for brand experimentation, Kero Creative fuels trust by positioning content strategy around clients’ integrity, values and vision.

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