Our Banking Team

Gregg Klohn, CPA

Senior Vice President Head of Lending


699 North Medina St
Loretto, MN 55357

Honesty, integrity and communication are key aspects of building great relationships with my customers.

- Gregg Klohn

Bringing a unique perspective to the 21st Century Bank team, Gregg has more than 20 years of business experience serving as a certified public accountant, chief financial officer for several corporations and a hotel general manager before coming on board in 2006.


Gregg has extensive experience in SBA lending and is resourceful in providing conventional financing options. He specializes in small business acquisitions, expansion of existing businesses, real estate purchases and debt consolidation of business loans. Gregg leans on his prior experience as a CPA and CFO, which give him insight into the customer’s side of their business, which most bankers do not have.


Gregg was instrumental in assisting small businesses during the recession when other lending organizations were not in a position to help. He prides himself on working with businesses when times are tough, not just when things are going smoothly.


Gregg is on the board and is an active member of the Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce.

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